Hello! I'm Rebecca Perrin and the host of Women Talk Shop podcast.

The idea for Women Talk Shop came naturally when I was newly self-employed and experiencing the challenges one faces as an entrepreneur in business development mode. Particularly, finding the right words to market my new business venture and broadcast my message effectively to others.

I'm a strategic communication professional so crafting a message comes easily to me when I'm writing for others. But writing about myself, and for myself, was an entirely different experience and I was overcome by imposter syndrome and fear of seeming overconfident.

Knowing how critical my ability to promote myself would be to my professional reputation and my income earning potential, I started researching effective methods for self-promotion. Ironically, what I found is proof that I already knew how to do it — tell interesting stories.

The first 12 years of my career were spent in newsrooms and magazine publishing as a writer, editor and eventually in content marketing producing stories that would help sell products for brands. To promote myself, I realized that I simply needed to do for myself what I'd been doing for magazine titles and consumer brands my entire career. Only this time, I was the brand and the stories were mine.

My mindset shift inspired a switch in my business plan. I pivoted to serve women in business and support their sales efforts with professional communications and content marketing from a personal perspective. Essentially, to do for them what I was doing for myself. The natural next step was to create a platform for marketing other women's business ventures and broadcasting their messages effectively to others.

Women Talk Shop was born!

I love to facilitate more confident self-promotion by interviewing my guests. As a trained journalist, I know how to ask the right questions to uncover everything that makes a woman in business unique, powerful and deserving of recognition. There's a moment in nearly every conversation where it's evident that my guest is having an "a-ha" moment and realizes she's more than capable to achieve what she desires.

The icing on the cake? How everyone who listens to Women Talk Shop has the opportunity to relate and find a sense of familiarity in my guest's stories. I truly believe that the more comfortable we become with hearing other women speak confidently about themselves, the more comfortable we become with speaking confidently about ourselves too.

Thanks for reading my story,

Rebecca Perrin

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