Let's change how we think & talk about work.

Women tend to shy away from sharing their successes in fear of being perceived as "too much." But the sooner we share stories about our strengths, the better we'll secure leadership & influence in our careers.


What We Talk About

Meet some really cool women with interesting careers.

You'll meet exceptional-but-normal women who are working diligently to create change in their respective industries.

Hear relatable stories about struggle and success.

Each episode helps to remove the guesswork about how women in leadership have pursued and attained success despite struggles.

Learn some new tricks and awaken your self-confidence.

Hearing women share their stories will normalize the art of self-promotion for you too, to get you in the right frame of mind to go after your career goals.

Why Should We Promote Ourselves?

Studies show that those of us who do more self-promotion may have better chances of being hired, promoted, and earning more income. Researchers interested in gender gaps in earnings, negotiations, and leadership have uncovered evidence that gender differences in self-promotion might contribute to those gaps.

That's why I started Women Talk Shop, to provide a platform that facilitates confident self-promotion for women pursuing career growth and professional leadership. The sooner we start sharing stories about our successes, the better we'll secure equitable leadership and influence.

Podcast Reviews

Do you have a story to tell?

We're looking for women in business with success stories to share. We want to learn about who you are and what you do! Tell us about your business, your brand, or your career story. If you're a great fit for the show, we'd love to feature you on an episode of Women Talk Shop.